Thursday, March 27, 2003

coming along

Well, yesterday felt fairly productive... I made "reservations" for the rehearsal dinner at Harry & Jean's, had a brainstorm (ok, maybe it was just a drizzle) about favors, and had help with Cat in putting together 130 invitations. (They look pretty by the way.) Oh, I also talked some more with Trina (photographer), and Cat picked up her dress; she tried it on, and it looked great :) though a bit long and slightly gape-y ... but she won't have problems fitting into it in a couple months (it's loose enough in the tummy...).

Today, Jonathan reserved our room for our wedding night... I've got to arrange for an another appointment with Wendy (flowers), and I need to follow up with Michelle too (pat-a-cakes). Soto's, did I mention, is offically playing DJ for us. Sent the deposit the other day.

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