Wednesday, June 11, 2003

It's more than sex or sex or race ...

but it's usually one of them. It's ugly and it reeks of ignorance and unfounded anger. It's the dirty underwear hiding in corners of skeletal closets. Some have several; nearly everyone has at least one. Most of us deny ownership of such a smelly, stained undergarment. And so on the rare occasions when we might actually do some spring cleaning, we have no choice but to re-stash it, disgusting as it might be. Too many "what if" worries prevent us from throwing it out in the trash: what if I need it some day? what if the neighbors smell it? what if the garbage man sees it?

Why don't we all just get rid of our prejudices? We all have them. They all smell. And they'll never do anything for us but cause embarrassment.

Why can't we all just grow up?

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