Sunday, April 16, 2006

CHAPBOOK UPDATE: Like shaving too close with a dull razor.

So, I had another meeting with my editor last night. Seems my beautiful book was putting us over budget, so we needed to cut about 8-10 pages. Ouch.

She suggested removing 3 pieces that took 4 pages. Then we doubled up more poems (cutting an additional 3). But I couldn't bare to pull one of the 3 she suggested, so that meant we'd only cut 2 poems (and 2 pages). I suggested another page for cutting, so we were back down to 7 cut, still not enough. And then I couldn't handle one of the pairings she'd suggested -- it was too crowded. So we were back up to 6 cut. So we moved the pub credits to the end of the TOC, the acknowledgments to my bio page, and my "Disclaimer" poem to the Editor's Notes page.


Anne is going to make a mock up with our changes and we'll go from there. I'm afraid that it's far too crowded. So I'm still trying to figure which poem(s) I can stand to pull.

The comfort is in knowing I'm only pulling them from this manuscript, not throwing them out or something like that. I can still publish them later or send them to journals in the mean time. It's just hard. Especially since the collection really is very tight as it stands. I feel like I'm playing Jenga and any piece I pull has the potential to make the collection collapse.

Still, what a learning experience!

In other news, I think we've decided on the stock for the cover. It's a bright yellow, brighter than I thought I'd like, but the black tones it down lots. (Yes, the cover is black/grayscale on yellow.)

And I still have to write my frickin bio and acknowledgments.

But it's all good.

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