Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Oh, the small joys!

Over the course of my weekend's travels, I had misplaced my ankles, hidden them inside the water-balloons attaching my feet to my legs. Seriously. I had retained so much water and my ankles and feet had swollen so much, my skin was so tight, I swear they would have popped had I stepped on a pin. I have no doubt that their condition contributed to the fact that when I went to my dr. appt yesterday morning, I apparently had gained 5 lbs in the past 2 weeks (2 would have been appropriate). So, yesterday I made it my mission to rectify the issue. I drank my water religiously. I tried to move around more at work. And when I got home, I parked myself on the couch with my feet elevated until it was time to do the same in bed. (What a great excuse to be lazy and read!)

This morning I woke to find my ankles had returned! They're still a little big, but I can flex them again without the skin feeling like it's going to tear.


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