Saturday, August 26, 2006

CHAPBOOK NEWS: Release Party Recap

So, the release party for Lemonade & Rumors and moonShine review #3 was this past Thursday evening. It was a small group, but a good one. My mom came in for it, and one DMVer (RH who has been part of my poetic universe for 8 years now!) surprised me with his attendance. He and his SO made it to the reading which helped make my night. I'm glad to have finally met the wonder woman! ;)

Another good friend, my "fake husband" came as well. Though poetry might not be his thing, he came to show his support -- a big deal to me.

The rest of the attending included two of the editors of Kakalak, my own editor, the editor of THRIFT Poetic Arts Journal, and a handful of others. The reading was at the Smelly Cat Coffeehouse in NoDa (Charlotte), which is a small venue, so the group was just the right size for comfort.

Even our newest addition came (since I'm nursing and he mostly sleeps), making the outing his first poetry reading. Yes, I start 'em young. The monkey boy, though, stayed at home with a sitter.

However, unfortunately Jonathan couldn't make it: though he'd known for about 6 weeks when the reading would be and that he should plan to come, by no control of his own, he had to work since he was the only one who could close the store that night. I understand, and know he probably wouldn't have enjoyed it anyhow, but am still ticked off -- in general, not at him specifically -- that he missed it. My only consolation is that I intend to make this the first book release of many, so there'll be others for him to make it up to me.

As for upcoming readings (where I will be the featured poet): (Charlotte DMVers take note!)

Tues Nov. 8 - Barnes & Noble @ the Arboretum (Providence & Pineville-Matthews), 7:30 PM

Tues Dec. 12 - Barnes & Noble @ Birkdale (Huntersville, couple of minutes from I-77 exit 25), 7:30 PM (I think)

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