Monday, August 7, 2006

Homecoming :)

Today's the big day! At 12 days old (13 if you count inclusively, which I don't), our little guy is being discharged from the Special Care Nursery today! He'd already be home if not for the fact that Daddy is at work today (gotta work for that insurance coverage) and won't be back til 7ish. But just that I know he's on his way has me in so much of a better mood. Of course, I'm exhausted still, but it's so much easier to work though exhaustion when you're not *depressed* too. That in addition to the fact that I treated myself to my daily allowance of caffeine in the most caloricly-rich means possible: a Caffino Oreo espresso concoction (can't remember the name since I'm not a regular customer... yet).

Anyhow, the additionally good news is that he not only gained weight, but he's back up to his birth weight. yay! :)

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