Thursday, September 6, 2007

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Another reason to keep an eye on who your kids hang out with.

Yesterday, we'd gotten threatening notes in little kid writing slid through our back door yesterday. We've been catching neighbor kids playing in our yard and on our deck while we weren't out or even home. (We'd pull into the driveway to find them on our porch.) We'd told them multiple times that they weren't allowed to play at our house unless we were home, etc. We've talked with their parents too, who say they've talked to their kids.

Anyhow, yesterday DH came home to find them on our deck again. He talked to them, and they went home. He also found a stack of loose-leaf paper under the doormat by our kitchen door (by the driveway). Later, he found 4 notes (3 on looseleaf, 1 on the back of a neon yellow 1/4 page flier) had been slid through the back door on the deck. One was still sticking out from between th door and the doorframe.

Each of the notes was written in blue ballpoint pen in a kid's unsteady printing, phonetically. The notes read:

  • we wil cel yu
  • we wil cel yu wit a nif
  • we wil cel yu wit a gon
  • we wil cel yu wit a chanso
Well, last night, DH went by to talk to Neighbor #1 about her kids being at our house & about the notes. She compared the handwriting on the notes to one of her kid's school papers: not a match. She took it seriously, though, and said she'd be having a talk with her kids again about not playing at our house when we weren't there.

So, this morning, I caught Neighbor #2 and talked with him about his child being at our house and about the note. Surprisingly (to me at least) he said it was his daughter's handwriting. He also took it seriously, and said he'd handle it. The child seems such the unlikely suspect. She's an 8-year-old girl whom I've always seen being respectful & friendly. It's disconcerting -- what's going on with her that she's writing such angry thoughts, even in play?

Hopefully this won't aggravate the issue and she won't get angrier toward us now that we've essentially told on her.At the very least we've found our secret admirer.

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