Sunday, January 6, 2008

Getting my butt in gear

The deadline for submissions for the annual KaKaLaK Anthology of Carolina Poets is sneaking up on me. Entries are due on Wednesday, and I still don't have them together, let alone turned in. So I'm sorta working on that tonight. It's kinda depressing, taking inventory of what worthwhile pieces I've written since last year. I've got a handful I'm happy with, but they all read the same. I mean, for the most part they're all confessional mommy pieces. Squishy Hallmark fuzzy (but not cute or quaint, I hope), but still... . But then, that's the sort that they've accepted of mine the past 2 years, so maybe it's the way to go. The only piece I'm considering that's an exception to that theme is one based on a dream and written in the vein of Denise Duhamel's "Sex with a Famous Poet." Except nowhere near as entertaining. And I'm not entirely sure I'd be ready for having my "Frenching a Famous Pop-Musician" in print. But I'll probably submit it anyhow: if the editors &/or judge thinks it's print worthy, it's time for me to get over it & myself.

I'll be able to pull together a reasonable poetry submission. Nothing, though, that I feel will qualify for a prize, unfortunately. But maybe something worth printing. The tough part comes in with the art entry I wanted to send in. I really have nothing but unimplemented ideas. Which stinks. Especially since I feel like I would have a chance if I'd send something.

Oh well. I'll kick myself if I don't get art together, but between work & clutter, I'm not sure how that can happen.


Bree said...

Well I, for one, think that the title "Frenching a Famous Pop-Musician" alone qualifies it for publication.

I'm just sayin. :D

artjewl said...

Hrmm... point well taken.

Mostly though, I'm just afraid once I release it into the big scary world, it's gonna make me look like next "." -- poetic license or not.

I am going to submit it though, along with...

"Early Tendencies"
"Late But Not Running"
"Holding Love" *
"Between Burnt Cheese Sandwiches and Pulled Hair"

... which still tells you nothing, I know. (*I still think the title there is really weak, but I'm at a loss for a better one.)

Still don't have any art to submit, but I have tonight and tomorrow night if I need it. (I was wrong about the due date -- it needs to be postmarked by Thursday.)

BTW, thanks, Bree. :)

Chucka Stone Designs said...

This is a very exciting thing! Great to hear you've already been published in this venue; not so secretly I am a little jealous but also not so secretly I say you go with your bad self for putting it out there! I am only jealous because I've never had the guts to try :)

Even if you think you'd sound a little like "." in a broad sense it is clear you are not a stalker so I say go for it lol! Yea for Julie being published!