Tuesday, February 12, 2008

something I won't even call a poem, let alone admit to (but I'm posting it anyhow)

A local radio station was holding a Love Poem contest for Valentine's Day. The catch is, the poem couldn't be about family, significant others, friends, etc. They didn't want "hallmark" poems. They had to be about, say, how you love your Starbuck's Venti Double White Mocha or House or pre-Scientology Tom Cruise.

Of course, the obvious answer for me had to be writing about Jason... (It doesn't help that "I'm Yours" was just officially released today, and I just got my copy of the Fire Relief cd yesterday -- "Silent Love Song" is so lovely.)

So without any further ado (or apologies), here is my terribly silly (and poorly written) O-dilly-day* to Mr. A-to-Z.

(* Get it? it's kinda a scat-ish way of saying "Ode." Clever, eh? eh? ok, nevermind.)


O-dilly-day to Mr. A-to-Z

Double entendres abound when he’s around,
and the sound of his voice makes me long
to be his cigarette or “One Love,” his favorite song.
His boyish smirk makes me grin as I blush
Like a teenybopper with her first crush.
Down to earth, yet he’s unattainable --
I’m happily married, so my obsession's unexplainable!
Still, with his
smooth-scatting and R r-r-r-rolling art
Jason Mraz knows the way to my heart.


Ginger said...

oh! will you pleeeeeaaaaase post that on his page?!?! that's so great! i'm so glad you posted that, thank you julie!

artjewl said...

Oh-OH! Is that a dare?

... which page? RKOP or his blog?

Bree said...


Post it somewhere he'll see it...he's such a romantic, I bet he'll love it!

Chucka Stone Designs said...

You are just such a great writer...I love the unexplainable due to happily married line lol! I agree with everyone else, totally post the entire explanation & poem somewhere for him to see...youtube, his blog, rkop, anywhere :)