Monday, March 10, 2008

...but I see it shining in your eyes, and you know what I mean.

Ever go back and rediscover some of those old songs, cds, cassettes, even vinyls (and maybe some 8-tracks) that used to make you feel so good, back in the day? I'm talking "way back" as in the bubblegum that you sang in the car to 5 years ago as well as "way, way back," like the records Mom & Dad would play. Wild what music can do. I mean, right now I'm trying to think of a single "Bread" song, but I'm at a loss. Still, I know that if I were to listen to whatever album it was that my parents still have under the turntable in the living room, I'd instantly be a little girl again. Magically, I'd know every word to "Baby I'm-a want you." (I cheated, I looked on amazon, but really, I do know all the words...)

Likewise, there are those songs that may have been "lost in a previous learning experience" -- what happens when you hear one? Does your stomach fill with butterflies? Do you feel nostalgic? Do you change the station, plug your ears, hum a different song?

Prior to dating my husband, I had been in a couple other relationships that were heavily laden with music. As a result, I regretfully grew to hate Billy Joel, respect Eminem, actually listen to Limp Bizkit (still hate 'em), and have a cd wallet full of wonderful lesser-known acoustic artists who may still be touring the college circuit. One of those relationships turned me onto Hooverphonic, Moby, Beth Orton, among others.

So when Beth Orton's "It's Not the Spotlight" (from the Stir of Echoes soundtrack) started to play on my random "play every song I've ever owned" playlist, I had mixed emotions. I
was again a college student, lonely, painting at 3am. Still, I love the song. But now there's something new in it: since that friendship has since dissolved, there is another layer to it. I can't bear to remove it from my playlist let alone my library because it is truly one of my all-time favorite songs (yes, even knocking some Mraz out of the ranks), but it makes me feel ... dejected.

Anyhow, there are plenty of other songs that do that amazing timetravel: "Under the boardwalk," "Brown-eyed Girl," "Chim Chim Cheree," "One Headlight," "Walkin' on Sunshine," "We Belong," and "At the Beginning" are just a handful of mine.

What are yours?


Anonymous said...

For me...hmm..

There's the way back machine and boyz II Men's "Water Runs Dry".

There's an entire host of disney songs. There's Rent. There's a LOT of Rent. Strangely enough, there's Pantera.

"I'm falling even more in love with YOU...letting go of ALL I've held onto" takes me back to the river, every single time.

Lots of songs. :)

And as an aside, it makes logical sense to me for someone who likes Mraz to at least respect Eminem. :) Wordplay is wordplay, and it's always fun. Sometimes ignorant and hateful, but you know. :)

artjewl said...

Rent! Yes, of course, Rent! I pulled that cd out about a month ago -- "Light my candle" is still my favorite. :)

Disney songs are a funny thing for me. For me, few are associated with a specific memory. But "Mary Poppins" and "The Little Mermaid" scores are both special for me.

Yes, wordplay is wordplay, and quality wordplay begs attention -- even if it's R rated. :)

In my rush last night to let the hubby on to play WOW, I forgot to add how this relationship has given me some Tom Leher, opera, and more Offspring than I had ever known existed. And the Cats score. How eclectic, huh?

Chucka Stone Designs said...

Oh I am in love with this post! I have been feeling strangly music nostalgic too since I wrote that post (thanks for the link, happy you "stole" the line :) Here are mine as requested...

- These Dreams by Heart
- Anything by Joe Satriani
- A few by Led Zeppelin
- Anything by Barry Manilow
- Every song on Ride the Lightning & Appetite For Destruction
- Ramona (an oldie, the only version I have is by Dominic Chianese)
- The Stranger by Melissa Ferrick
- Easier by Joey McIntyre

HOLY CRAP!!! Someone else in the world has heard of Tom Leher????? I thought my Mom was the only one! He is freaking hysterical, great reference!

Bree said...

Paul Simon's record "Graceland". I can sing every work to every song, and every word in every song takes me back to every trip on every road I have ever traveled down.

There are so many moments wrapped up in someone else's words...what a wonderful soundtrack we put together for ourselves!

HollywoodFix said...

Okay, now I know I'm probably the youngest person that will comment this, but my whole weekend was filled with Boyz II Men, Nsync, and various other groups in the 90's.

And then I listened to Jason Mraz, but, that doesn't count really, because his stuff never gets old.