Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jeudi Gras (or "The Binge Before the Fast")

As I mentioned in my previous post, starting tomorrow I am going to go on a two-week fast from the ear-candy of Mraz. I decided to start on Friday, frankly, because I wanted to be able to binge on the music today while at the office. So, I am currently listening to Nathan's fantastic taping of the 4/17/08 show at Davidson.

Now, I do need to say, I don't intend to cut myself off of his blog, and I can't promise not to venture over to RKOP, but for a full 336 hours I will deny myself the deliciosity of any Mraz music. Unfortunately, to truly do this experiment right, I'm afraid I'm going to have to cut Bushwalla out of my diet as well. The hope is that by keeping their words out of my head, I might actually find some of my own to write.

Within the next 14 days I plan on:
  1. writing at least one piece of short prose suitable for submitting to moonShine review.
  2. completing the cover for SMR 2/1
  3. laying out the bulk of SMR 2/1
  4. writing a minimum of one poem each day.(Kinda in preparation for National Poetry Writing Month -- aka NaPoWriMo -- which will happen in August.) All of my attempts, however sore or pathetic they might be, will be posted in my library at (Note, however, that you'll have to be a member to read them.)
Also, two Mondays from now, I will begin working full time (all at the same job, vs the multiple part time endeavors I've been trying to hold together since the birth of our first munchkin). So I also need to ...
  1. wrap up some freelance loose ends.
  2. get to bed earlier on "work nights"
  3. I can actually get up and leave on time.

So, yeah, the job I was expecting to leave completely a few months back has convinced me to go full time instead. The biggest downside is the commute and the gas it takes. It's not a long commute, but still, it seems like such a waste to spend what we do on gas. I haven't totally ruled out public transportation, but I still don't see a means of making it feasible.

I know, this is far from an entertaining blog, huh? Sorry about that. Really though, I'm just glad to be writing, no matter how mundane.

Anyhow, 10 hours & 27 minutes til the fast begins. Any suggestions as to what songs I should listen to before then? ;)


Bree said...

So Unusual, Not So Usual! Love that song! And Curbside Prophet, best versions on the Tonight, Not Again live album. (It's got John Popper!) :D

Ginger said...

go old school....waiting for my rocket to come and live at java joe's. that should boost the creativity. a good fast is what you need, i support you in your sacrifice!

haiku contest starts on can be a small warm up.

Chucka Stone Designs said...

Any suggestions as to what songs I should listen to before then? ;)

Yes. All of them.
OK in all fairness everything but
La Nueva Belleza
Rocky Raccoon
Page 3

Seriously though, good luck with the fast. If doing this means you can regroup and get your thoughts out there easier and more clearly then I am all for you doing this!

Your posts are never boring sweetie, I love hearing about all the fun things you are doing! Kudos on the new full time job (that will probably help your brain take a breather all by itself) and also for getting your writing together for moonShine review, your prose is so awesome there is no doubt you'll be published!!!

artjewl said...

Thank you, ladies, for the yummy suggestions. I ate up some TNA, SFF, and pulled out some of my oldest mraz files including a live version of Curbside (not sure what show). It may not be his "best" rendition, but it's one of my favorites if only for the familiarity of the voices & clatter in the background.

Unfortunately, I only got Bree's suggestion before the start, but I look forward to enjoying a massive playlist on 6/20...

Ginger, I look forward to the next 'ku contest! Mostly for your photography. :)

Jenn, for what it's worth, I hadn't even heard of "Page 3", and I hadn't ever listened to either of the others... good to know I'm not missing out there, eh?