Sunday, October 5, 2008


Suddenly, with a pop, there is dark, as if God himself had changed his mind, had decided light wasn't all that great after all.

But no. The heavenly lights still gleam: stars and stars and galaxies of stars and a bright lunar wink.

Perhaps, instead, God decided to remind these two blocks on the city's electrical grid of the beauty interwoven with the first words to echo through the nothingness:

Let there be light.
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Jenn said...

The last time we had a blackout it lasted a couple hours and after the initial shock of losing power to everything it occured to me that there was a quiet in our house that doesn't even exist when everything is off. The low hum of things plugged in taht can't be unplugged (like the fridge) was gone and I could truly let my brain relax. It was really great. Some days I wish for one just to force me to slow down :) Hope you made the most of it!

Ginger said...

thank goodness for the blackberry! haha! things like that are a good excuse to go out and gaze at the stars on your back.