Friday, December 12, 2008

RELEASED: SMR 2/2 goes to print TODAY! (I now return to my regularly scheduled life in progress.)

With me now: Take a deep breath.  Hold it.  Release ... and ... relax.  Emphasis on the release

I am proud to announce that Shakespeare's Monkey Revue - volume 2, issue 2 has finally been sent to the printer this morning.  This issue "Food" themed, and our "Featured Monkey" is Matt Barre, a Boston area chef.  He contributed over a dozen original recipes to compliment the yummy poetry and prose selected for this issue.

I honestly think that when the word gets out about this issue, it will be our best-selling one yet!  The writing covers the gamut as far as cuisine goes, and the tones range from the humorous "Ode to the Haggis," to the wonderfully weird "Barbie Diet," to the the poignant reflection on the lack of food in "The Cost."  And the recipes are nothing less than perfect for SMR.  As a note, there are a few vegan recipes included, though they are not noted as such.  But even for the recipes that do not "suit your tastes," they are creatively written and entertaining to read.

A note about the cover art: the yummy pancakes on the cover were a whole wheat version of the pancakes Ginger posted a while back.  They were yummy and, I dare say, photogenic.  And the back features ol' Billy Boy in a bust to go bananas over!

If you place your order today (or even over the weekend), you'll be on the "ship these immediately" list once they come back from the printer, and you can expect to receive them before Christmas.  So, please, if you still have names to check off your shopping list, consider supporting this independent publication with a purchase.  (Check out the Monkey Mart for more Shakespeare's Monkeys merch or to purchase a subscription.)

NOW, maybe I won't be such a ghost around blogland.  Maybe. 


ginger said...

those pancakes sure do look tastey! thanks for the link love :)

congratulations on your achievement and enjoy your well earned rest...and release!

Jenn said...

Right on girl! Love it, the pancakes are definitely photogenic lol. Glad to see you have made it through another release and are still with us (in the spiritual & physical sense I mean...mentally I'm sure it will take you some time to get back ;)