Friday, May 8, 2009

A two-for-one ticket

There are few things that make me giddy to the point of idiocy.  The going to a Jason Mraz concert, for instance.  The mere thought of being able to go to such a concert is another.

Yeah, so maybe I'm trying to relive that part of my teenybopper years I missed out on.  Maybe I'm just weird...

Regardless, I'm psyched that he'll be stopping in Charlotte on this summer's tour!  I have been itching to go to another concert since I walked out of the auditorium when he stopped here last April. 

Only thing is, he'll be in Charlotte just 3 weeks before I'm due.  Which means if I haven't already had the kiddo, the excitement could spur me into labor...

But that could mean two of us could get into the show on one ticket. ;)

Guess I probably shouldn't plan on going to this show solo like I did the last one.

July 28th!!!!!! <insert cheesy annoying squeal here />


Jenn said...

SQUEEE for sure! I am amazed he'll also be in Boston, it is rare he swings through my city (always Rhode Island or CT) but he is hanging around for 2 shows in August! Maybe I'll run into him out and about. Looks like I better head into the city that week haha.

Happy Mother's Day girl :-) Here's hoping you don't deliver during the show lol!

Julie said...

*lol* Of course, if I did deliver at the show, it would ensure he'd actually remember me, for better or worse.

I saw those 2 shows in Boston on the tour and thought of you. That's awesome! Here's hoping you run into him out on the town ;) ... Give him one of those "yo, Jason Mraz" shout outs for me. ;)

And thanks for the Mom's day wishes too!