Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dear ginger's inner Cher

(In response to ginger @ The Bubble Wrap Chronicles "revelations by my inner cher" --

This has been in my head, weighing heavily, since your fb status last night.

I understand your frustration. I've felt it.

But I still think you're missing out on something.

You know me well enough to know I'm coming at this from a Christian perspective. So take it for (or with) what you will, but hear me out.

Yes, there are hypocrites EVERYWHERE. From the check-out line to the pulpit. It's ugly. It's disappointing. It's discouraging. But does that mean that all humanity is refuse?

Where do you believe we, humans, came from? I truly believe we have a Creator whose fingerprints are all over us. Each and every one of us. Some of us, though have a lot of sinful grime hiding the beauty. Some even fling that grime at others. Even worse, some fling the grime in the name of piety, tolerance, and justice.

But there are others.

There are people who are so beautifully loving and giving, who seem to shine no matter what. Usually, though, those people are so humble, they go unnoticed. Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they're not there. I have had the blessing of meeting a handful of these gems.

But even people who aren't necessarily saints on earth can be saintly. I know nothing of the man who works at the local Earth Fare grocery store, except that for a moment, he brought joy to me and my boys the other night. The boys got kids meals but didn't ge prizes in their bags, so they went to ask if they had any left. They were out, but the grandfatherly man offered the them each a big bakery cookie instead. They eagerly accepted with my nod of approval. They thanked him, and we were on our way. Only by chance did I learn that those cookies were bought out his own pocket. Now, maybe he did it for selfish reasons, just so he would feel good. Maybe my boys reminded me of his own grandsons. Or maybe he truly was just doing something nice for a couple of strangers, just because.

Anyhow, like I said, I'm coming from a Christian perspective, so I'm one of those people who will tell you that there is only one Way. But you're mistaken when you say no one tells us to regard the standard we carry with integrity. That's mentioned in the same Book that says there's only one Way, the same Book that tells us that God is Love and Truth and Life all rolled into one. Find one, and you've found all three!

Life is a challenge. People, born with the blight of sin, can be maddening. Even Christ Himself got righteously angry over it. (Remember that bit where He flipped tables over I a fit?) Mother Teresa lived and worked for years in a deep, dark depression, struggling to see God's light and warmth. So consider yourself in good company when you, too, struggle to deal with your fellow human beings.

All of us are flawed. Most of us know it. And some of us really are trying to find our Way.

(PS -- For the record, I agree with your conclusion. That has been a major gripe of mine, specifically within the Catholic Church. If you don't agree with Catholic teaching, by all means, convert to something else!)
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ginger said...

i don't know if you think this or not, but that post wasn't a gripe against christianity.

i have to be honest with myself about my feelings. i cannot and will not try to bury my self anymore so that others don't feel concern for me or so that i'm viewed as a normal person by people who don't understand where i'm coming from because they haven't been there...even though they want to try desperately. for some reason, God wants me to be here. i do have a relationship with Him, believe it or not. i don't know why i have to be here now, but i do. thank you for your reply post. i know you're a good friend and a good person. i know there is good, i just wish more people would be true to themselves and be honest.