Thursday, June 16, 2011

Right on, Write on.

Keeping a blog is one of those things.  No, not those things. Those things.  One of those things that appear unnecessary and superfluous on the surface.  It "eats" time and takes energy that could and "should be spent elsewhere.  Such as in writing "legitimate" pieces, be they poetry, essays, letters, or even email correspondence.  But the fact is, as I often discount, keeping a regular journal -- online or otherwise -- often makes this other writing easier and more productive. 


Still, I have a terrible time allowing myself to write a blog or a friendly letter when I know I have so much else I "should be doing."  Such as paying work.  But I digress.  Here I am.

This past week was wonderful for planting seeds and for finding motivation to write.  Last Thursday I managed to make it to the local monthly poetry workshop group.  It's thanks to that group that I manage to write even one poem a month.  I mean, I have to have SOMETHING to share there.  So I usually write it in the 30 minutes before I have to leave.  I wish it was a bi-weekly group instead. Two poems a month would mean I would probably have enough for that collection I've been working on for about 5 years now...

On Saturday, thanks to my husband and a good friend who watched my kids for a couple hours, I managed to make it to the SCWW Writers Intensive workshop/lecture.  It was good, though I was only able to stick around for the first half, and I caught the speaker who was less relevant to my work.  Still, the opportunity to network was wonderful, and the speaker managed to convince me I need to do some work capturing and gathering some family memories, if only for the sake of handing the stories down to the next generation.  Ideally, though, I would love to write them into a Dave Eggers style novel/memoir.  I even went as far as to tell my mom the plan.  I'm not sure how on board she is, but I think she'll help.  I hope so.  She and her siblings will be essential to this.

On Sunday I had the privilege of attending a moonShine review release party.  The day was HOT, but there was a pool, wine, plenty of good food, and a crowd of people who I respect very much and whose work I enjoy.  Not the least of these people was the hostess of the party and chief editor of moonShine, Anne Hicks, who also edited my chapbook, Lemonade & Rumors.  It was wonderful to see her.  And, frankly, I ate up the encouragement she doled out, prodding me to get that second collection done.  She wants to edit it, which would be wonderful.  Her help with the last collection made the experience such a rewarding one.

Still, since Sunday, what have I written?  This.  Period. 

But at least I've written that much, right?


Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Absolutely! You are sooo speaking my language girl! I mean yes its true we just moved across the country, etc but during the weeks before it a couple things happened that I haven't had a chance to capitalize on yet 1) The Bruins won a Stanley Cup and 2) I rewrote my query letter about a Bostonian gal who just happens to be a sportswriter in love with (yes you guess it) the Bruins!

Next couple weeks hopefully...but...I long for the days when I stop saying "but"...

Julie said...

Oh, girl, there will always be "buts"...but put them in the right place in a sentence, and even they can lead in the right direction. IE, "I have so much to do, BUT my writing deserves my attention right now."

My best friend and her family are in a scary spot right now, BUT they are using it to their advantage to get their butts & buts in gear in the right direction, heading toward realizing some seriously awesome goals. I don't know if she has any idea how much she's my hero right now for that.

Can't wait to hear about how much you love the new locale. :) Good to hear from you! <3