Tuesday, November 29, 2011

All he wants for Christmas...

Tonight we took the boys to get their picture taken with Santa. During
their brief visit, Santa asked them what the number one thing was on
their lists:

C: "A green Angry Bird."
E: "A Bumblebee Blaster."
G: "[unintelligible toddler speak]"
Us: "What do you want, G?"
G: [befuddled look... then a flash of inspiration] "I SHOW you!"
And in a flash he slid from C's grasp and dashes to the edge of the
room to try to grab a "musical tube." [Oh, yeah this was in the music
room at school.] When we try to pry the thing from his fingers, he
starts yelling, "No! MY GUN!"

... yep. The 2-year- old wants a 3' long yellow tube to play guns
with. Got that, Santa?

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