Wednesday, February 7, 2001

My Smokin' Computer

Been a while since I've written so I figured why not today. Had a freaky-weird dream last night. Anyone who really cares to hear about it, email or IM me and ask. Not exactly something I care to post to the world. Oh, I editied the Glossary if anyone cares.

In other news, my computer has been down since Super Bowl Sunday. It decided to take up smoking. It just refused to heed the Surgeon General's warning. Anyhow, the general guess is that the power supply fan died or something got caught in it. I don't know. I just know it's not supposed to give off fumes when I use it. So, until I get that replaced and/or call in on the warranty, it's out of service. That bites.

Yesterday I took my first science test in 5 years. (I'm saying a Physics test doesn't really count as a science test. It was more of a math class.) And it's been 6 since I did a biology test. So, all things considered, no matter how I did (good on the lecture, lousy on the practical) I think I put forth a decent show of effort.

I've been exhausted lately. I'd caught that nasty bug that'd been going around. Well, one of them at least. I had a cough that just wouldn't leave me alone, and it really wore me down. And now I'm just always tired. It's draining me in more ways than one.

I have my first painting of the semester due tomorrow. I got a really late start on it. Hopefully it'll be presentable for critique tomorrow. I know it will be, but the question is, what shape will I be in?

Alright, time to wrap these rambles up. In closing, I can't seem to get SavageGarden's "Gunning Down Romance" out of my head, a couple of friends are wearing on my nerves, and so is a certain person in PA even though we haven't talked much as of late. This concludes the whiny portion of our program. That is all.

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