Friday, April 20, 2001

Long overdue as usual -- that's me!

Went on a field trip to the zoo today for Zoology (imagine that!)... that was cool. I had fun and got a lot out of it. Too bad for Kim that the giraffes weren't out. Oh well, but enough about that.

A certain professor of mine has got me all worked into a tizzy as of late. He's a moron and a masochistic jerk -- or, to put it simply, a full-fledged asshole. But I digress, I'll get that all out of my system when it comes time to write the teacher/course evaluation.

In other news, I am oh so happy to admit that I have been caught! For almost a month now I have been dating again. He, besides being fun, funny, and giving great hugs (not to mention being incredibly cute ;o)), is so easy to talk to, a master in the arts of listening & comforting, and an all-around wonderful guy -- I am so blessed to have him in my life, let alone have him take me as his girlfriend... and hopefully more some day.

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