Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Second Prenatal Appointment

Yesterday's appointment, my second so far, went well. It was quick -- I was in and out of the front doors in less than 20 minutes. But that's not to say it was lacking in excitement! We listened to Peanut's heartbeat (160) for the first time! Very cool... Now if only I could get the little bugger to agree to eat...

I'm 13 weeks (and some change) along so far, so that means I'm about done with the first trimester. Supposedly that means I should be feeling better soon. At least that's what everyone keeps telling me. And I was feeling better too. Then last Thursday happened. Since then, the after-work-sickness has been awful (mornings are usually fine). I threw up again last night (I'm sure everyone wanted to hear that), and so Peanut didn't get all the vitamins s/he was supposed to get. If only I could eat and, thus, break this viscious cycle. I'm looking forward to this roumored "honeymoon" trimester #2.

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