Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Expectant Realizations

Last week Peanut and I had our monthy check-up. It was extra quick
and everything's looking good. So there's not too much to say about that...

Peanut's been kicking and rolling and hiccuping and wiggling a lot lately.

Of course when Aunt Laura came to visit a couple weeks ago, that was when Peanut
decided to be much much "quieter" than usual. (I think the kid got worn
out from all the sommersaults the day before.) But lately, nearly anytime I sit
still, you can see my belly move like St. Nick's "bowl full of jelly."

I've been feeling like an Alien extra...

In other news, I've decided to post a poem I wrote a few months ago.

It just makes sense that it should be on Peanut's page. So... read on.

Expectant Realizations: Three Senryu



She’s only sixteen
months old; in just seven more
she will be an aunt



Conception brings life
to the womb and death to the
mother’s appetite.



Parental joy comes
with the ready acceptance
of God’s surprises.

©JAC 11/26/2003

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