Friday, February 20, 2004

As usual, I am long overdue -- in posting, I mean. Sorry for that. Anyhow, over a week ago we had our most recent check-up. I measured just right all around: 26 inches at 26 weeks, and I'm weighing in just fine as well. Apparently I'm actually visibly pregnant now too. It was funny, last week at church all of the sudden everyone (ok, 4 or 5 people) started referring to me as "mom" or derivatives of the word. These are the same people who, up til then, kept saying I wasn't showing enough.

Along the same lines, I'm starting to feel all that too -- in my back, in my feet. I've been doing a LOT better in terms of eating and heartburn, though. (Thank goodness for Pepcid!!) But, yeah, it's getting tougher to get comfortable at night, and I think I need to invest in some new not-totally-broken-down shoes.

And Peanut is still being quite the gymnast, soccer player, martial artist, breakdancer... Holy cow does this kid kick! Every once in a while Peanut will use my lungs as punching bags -- or something -- and I'll feel short of breath just sitting still. Craziness...

Next appointment I'll start meeting with all the other doctors at the office and I'll start going every 2 weeks instead of once a month. Should be interesting.

Ohhh... and birth classes... finally got registered for that, but I should have called in sooner. The only spot they had open still was near the end of April! Let's hope Peanut doesn't decide to come extra early or anything.

Ok, I do believe that's enough rambling for the time being. :)

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