Friday, February 10, 2006

my morningsick muse

I experienced this last time too: a tremendous lull in my writing during pregnancy. I'm not sure what it is. Last time I would have blamed it on the nausea, because I had it bad. And when I was past that part, I was busy downing pepcid and tums and anything else that might stay the acid reflux of pregnancy. This time... I've got to figure something out, a means to deal with it, because I WANT to write. But I'm still dealing with terrible fatigue (which is why it's so smart that I'm up now past 1 AM, right?) and mucho difficulty focusing on any project, no matter the size. I swear, pregnancy kills braincells. Or maybe it's all the TV I end up watching because I'm too tired to do anything, but can't go to sleep thanks to heartburn, etc... oh the joys!

...but really, I promise, I'm happy. And I can't wait to feel that first tickle of the little one ...


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