Monday, February 20, 2006

whiny entry

I'm tired, feeling yucky, hungry, tired and miserable. DH had the flu all weekend, so I got to play nurse to him while taking care of munchkin and myself by myself. Fortunately "myself" wasn't doing too bad this weekend, but unfortunately I had been planning on having DH help with the kid so I could use the weekend to get WORK done. No such luck. Now today, once DH is back out the door at work, I feel like crap -- pregnant crap, not flu crap at least -- and STILL am getting NOTHING accomplished. I'm feeling burnt out and am LOATHING the idea of having to go to work tomorrow. I've been a freaking emotional mess today and am being an awful mom leaving munckin in his crib long after his nap. He's entertaining himself and hasn't cried to get out, but really I owe him some attention, a diaper change, and dinner.

I'm so tired. And damnit, I'm crying again.

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