Monday, December 31, 2007

Resolve: more than a carpet cleaner!

It's no secret (to anyone who actually knows me) that I'm a procrastinator through perfection. In high school, I got a C in Physics because of missing lab reports. It's not that I didn't do the labs. Or the write-ups. Rather, I was such an anal perfectionist that rather than turn in a less than perfect report, I didn't turn in one at all. Stupid.

But my illness goes back even further: the first manifestation I can remember was in first grade. I can remember having stacks of unfinished assignments in my desk. Most were coloring sheets & cut & paste things. In hindsight, I know they were things Mrs. M gave the class to keep the us busy between reading and math, but at the time, I remember being pretty distressed about it. It was my dirty secret. Quiet little, neat-working little, little little Julie who always did so well in school had piles of unfinished work in her little (unkempt) desk. (Most unfortunately, my perfectionism has never really overflowed into my workspace.) I remember having nightmares about it.

Since school, my perfectionsitic procrastination has continued. And usually that means that I start a lot of projects with genuinely good intentions but I fail to see them through to completion... or simply see them through.

THIS blog is no exception. Almost a year ago I established, and no sooner had I registered it than it became one of the more recent in my string of defunct online journals. And the big reason why: because I didn't have the formatting quite to my liking.

Well to hell with that.

Today, on the eve of 2008, it's about time I do something despite it being humanly imperfect. It's time I do something -- THIS -- because it is (& I am) humanly imperfect.

I resolve to do this.

I will post no less than once a week. I will post even if I can't add the pictures I want to at the moment. I will post even if I don't have time to spellcheck or proofread. Likewise, I won't apologize or feel guilty for not posting enough or for posting about the mundane. I will, however, write with a purpose each and every time.

I resolve to do this. Consistently.

Won't you join me for the ride?


Judi FitzPatrick said...

Hi Julie,
I wish you the best in your resolve for 2008. It ain't easy to blog and put yourself out there, but especially bad for all of us perfectionists.
I'll be sending out the happy vibes for you to continue blogging; I'll check back often.
BTW, found you through your comment on ChuckaStone's blog.
Peace and happy new year,

Chucka Stone Designs said...

right on girl :) I say the only way to do it is to just do it!!!!! I can't wait to read more of your blog, the title & picture with this one are a perfect compliment. well said :)