Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Product Proposal: Google Life-Maps

It's kinda funny. I have been so inconsistent with keeping any kind of journal/blog/etc. that in the ~24 hours since I decided I'm going to do this, I've had a half-dozen posts I've wanted to make. Besides not having the opportunity to sit down & write them out, I haven't posted them all because, well, I'm rationing them. I know I'm prone to writer's block, so having a few good starters later will hopefully keep me from abandoning this when the words don't flow so readily later.

No matter what the project is -- Christmas cards (that I flat-out just didn't get to this year), cleaning out the office, laying out the most recent issue of SMR -- my biggest hurdle to overcome is figuring out a plan of action. Don't get me wrong -- I am a pro at making lists. However, sometimes it seems I get lost in deciding where to start. Or where to take the project once I've started. I have goal-ADD. Each new idea is shinier than the last, distracting me from the projects on the table. And should I do something as unheard of as temporarily shelving the new idea to finish an existing project, I just get antsy and don't get anything done.

This is where my product proposal comes in: Google Life-Maps. It would work on the same basis as Google Maps, but it'd be like an automated life-coach. Just type in where you're at and where you want to be, and Google provides a step-by-step list of instructions on how to get there. And if something comes up -- anything from a bad day at work to a pregnancy -- just drag the line to allow the detour and follow the new set of directions.

I can follow specific instructions. I swear I can.

Heck, I'd even pay for the service.

It would likely be especially popular this time of year with all the new year's resolutions being made. But it'd also be pretty darn popular with new graduates ("Start: BS in Business, End: Dream job on Wall St..."), brides-to-be ("...detour: the dress was hemmed too short!"), and expectant parents ("Start: DINKs, End: family of 3 on a paycheck of one"). If anyone could do this, it'd be Google.

Hmm... maybe I should talk to my cousin-in-law on the inside...

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