Monday, January 21, 2008

And this is why I hate shopping

Now before I get whiny replies saying how skinny I am, and how I shouldn't be complianing, blah blah blah... please keep in mind this has nothing to do with the size of my waist, butt or thighs and everything to do with the inconsistency of sizing among women's clothing...

So, I'm due for a new pair of jeans. (Granted, I don't need them as badly as Gab does...) I have one pair that I'm not totally embarrassed to wear, but I really could use a nice dark "trouser" pair. Problem is, as I've mentioned before, I'm terribly cheap. The pair I'm currently wearing out set me back $10 I think. I plucked them from the clearance rack somewhere in the mall. Can't remember where. The pair I was loving before then was a Gap hand-me-down from a friend. Well, I had to go to certain store for a mystery shop today and thought it would be a good time to look for a new pair.

The place had racks and racks of 75% off clearance racks, so I thought surely I'd find something. Well, after about an hour and a half, 4 trips to the fitting room, and about a baker's dozen pairs of pants, I left with a cute pair of winter white sailor pants ($15), but no jeans. The thing that drives me nuts though is the fact that those 13 or so pairs of pants included sizes from 0 -- yes, ZERO -- through 6. Even more insane is the fact that at least 1 pair of size 1 pants was TOO BIG (thus the consideration of the zero), and at least one pair of size 6 jeans was too SMALL!.

Could someone decide on and STICK WITH a sizing rubric?! I need to mention that these are all the same brand. It's not like this was the difference between Levi's and Rider or something. They were all the store brand.

The awesome pair of sailor pants I bought were a size 1. I have not worn a size one before. EVER. Not even in high school. And I know that after 2 pregnancies (& subsequent deliveries) my hips are wider than they were at 18. So how is it remotely possible that I can even consider a 1?

Vanity sizing at its finest.

Meanwhile, has anyone noticed that Vicky's Secret does anti-vanity sizing? I mean, since when is a 4/6 considered a Large? Hell, if I get the low-rise bikinis, I need to get an XL!

Could we all call a spade a spade?

...or at least a four a four?


Chucka Stone Designs said...

A girl after my own heart with this post! I am ALWAYS in that same boat. Generally I am a size 4 but have had similar trouble because size (despite what they say) apparently doesn't matter anymore lol. Throw in the fact that I am 5'-2" and forget it. This is why I like summer, I can wear shorts or capris (which usually fall somewhere around my ankles) and not have to worry about the size...sweatpants are my friend lol

On another note, you asked about paneling...ugh...working with those little grooves is the toughest thing to mask. Two suggestions: 1. paint it a lighter color so the grooves "fade away" (and then top coat with a varnish so it doesn't scratch off) or 2. fill the grooves with wood putty, sand to flat, paint & top coat. If you fill the grooves you can always put a finish on the walls too because it will then be a flat surface. I know a WONDERFUL finisher who is willing to travel the country for a price ;) lol. Good luck with it girl!

artjewl said...

ahh... I hear ya with the height bit too. I'm 5'3", and fortunately have a short torso, so I'm right on the cusp of "regular" pant length. Usually a pair of heels does the trick for me, but I know I'm going to pay for that down the road.

As for the paneling, gag, I know. You say wood putty though? Our neighbor painted theirs a light tan: it looked better, but I'm still not impressed. Turns out the paneling itself isn't smooth, so the flat paint showed that. I'd heard using drywall tape & putty, but not wood putty. Ideally I'd texture it too. Somehow I'm going to work out doing that ugly room this summer. I'll have to ship the kids off somewhere, but I'm going to do it, gosh darnit! Or maybe it would be easier for me to dig up the cash to fly that finisher down to SC so I could take notes... ;)

Thanks, Jenn!

Chucka Stone Designs said...

If it is the kind I'm thinking of the wood putty will adhere much better to the filaments in those grooves than joint compound. Drywall tape - the mesh kind will show unless you float over a couple skim coats and the paper stuff is a pain to keep from bubbling. Putty is basically glue & sawdust so it is a good fill on a pressed type surface like paneling & if you apply with a plastic putty knife it should smooth in without large cracks (like joint compound could do). Light cracks are common though so don't panic, just sand & wipe down, the paint should fill in the rest :) It can shrink back when it dries so you might need two thin coats total.

After you prime the walls you can lightly sand with 220 grit (or higher) to get rid of some of the texture if it isn't too heavy. Would have to see it to know for sure though! Just be sure to wipe down the walls very well after any sanding or the next latex coat won't bond correctly & it could peel in time.

Happy to help & I would so love to see what you do with the room!

Ginger said...

i love this post! you're a rock star for bringing this to the public eye julie.

i totally agree that something needs to be done about the sizing today. i understand that we need different sizes for different cuts, but you've now confirmed that the issue exists no matter what size you are. i'm a big girl, and i'm about 5'5" or 5'6". when i shop for pants i have to buy petite/short length, and they're STILL too long, because most clothing manufacturers seem to think that if a woman is plus sized she must also be about 7 feet tall! It's very frustrating indeed. i will find a trouser or jean that is a perfect fit and i look totally hot in all of my largeness until you get to my ankles and see that my pants are 5 inches too long.
you think i'd wear more skirts, but i'm just not girly enough. oh, well.

this was funny to read..thanks