Saturday, January 19, 2008

What does it all mean, Basil?

Maybe no one really cares, but since when has that ever determined whether something gets posted on the internet or not? So since it doesn't really matter if anyone's actually interested, I'll go on and explain where "digging cheese out of carpet" came from for my blog title:

From a poem I wrote a couple years ago, "Where Between."

That's it.

Ha! you thought I was going to actually enlighten you? well.

"Where Between" was written about our first child, when he was probably about 15 months old. The whole poem reads as one sentence composed of a series of items done during the course of the day, and "digging smashed cheese out of carpet" is on the list. Unfortunately, that's all too commonplace here: kid eats cheese and leaves "cheese crumbs" on the floor to be stepped on and tracked onto the carpet. Next thing I know, it's hard and crusty, and clinging to the carpet so tightly, scissors are tempting. It seems to be an exercise in futility, because I know that once I dig it out, I'll have another clump to clean up the next day, or something equally as bad.

"Digging cheese out of carpet" is something that needs to be done on occasion, something that could use a little ingenuity sometimes, or at least a spray bottle. And it's something that's laughable once you're done with it.

To read the poem, click here.

In other words, I am almost caught up with posting my old non-blogger blogs in here. I expect to wrap that up tonight.


Chucka Stone Designs said...

LOVE IT!!! I did wonder but never asked since your profile lists you as a mom of two boys i just assumed & turns out I was basically right :) Love the new banner too!

Tomorrow before football I have the WHOLE day to myself so I'll be catching up on your past blogs then! Can't wait to read them all!

artjewl said...

I really hope I dont' scare (or bore) you away!

Seriously, though, there's a slew of wedding planning ones I probably shouldn't have even published. It's just that even with blog entries, I'm a packrat.

Good to hear from you!


Ginger said...

i also love the new banner and assumed the reason for the name correctly...the poem is good, thanks for sharing.