Saturday, April 5, 2008

Does this mean I need someone to unfreeze me?

Well, it seems I've been double-handed tagged by not one, but two bloggettes. And since sacred blog law states one must submit to a double double-handed blog-meme tag, here goes...

What Ifs:

What if I could meet someone in the art world to chat with?
This is kinda funny to me for a couple reasons. One, because I essentially could copy and paste Jenn's answer. But also because I had a dream along these lines a couple nights ago. In the dream, I had the chance to pick the brain of a certain singer/songwriter, but I was a total introverted idiot. I was so disappointed in myself. Anyhow, since I'm going to restrict my answer here to the living, author Dave Eggers is way up on my list, not only for his writing, but for all of the writing programs, publications, etc. he's played a part in creating. As for a contemporary visual artist, I think I'd like to get in touch with Chris Clamp, a painter -- he was a classmate of mine, and I always respected him and admired his work.

What if I could have one wish granted for the benefit of all mankind?
Ok, so take this with a grain of salt and an eyeroll if you must: I would wish everyone had as much clean water as they needed or wanted, without restriction or consequence. That is where I'm least "green"; I love long showers. Thirst would never be an issue, and the world would be a happier place if we'd all take the time to de-stress in the water of our choice. (Shower, bath, jacuzzi ...) ;)

What if I could travel anywhere in the world?
Depends: is this all inclusive or on our current budget...
There are so many places I'd love to go. I can't claim to want to go everywhere, but I think it would be incredible to hit every country at least once. More realistically, though, I'd like to take my husband for about a month in Lucca, Italy, with excursions around the country.

What if I could live in a period other than the present, for 24 hours?
Just for a day, I think I'd like to experience life on the American Frontier, maybe in the early 1800's. I know I'd be totally ill-equipped, and I doubt I could survive much more than the given 24 hours, but as a kid, I drifted toward that setting in the books I read. (Caddie Woodlawn was a favorite.)

What if I could make over three areas of my body?
My complexion -- is that possible to makeover? My teeth -- I wish I'd have taken better care between college & kids. My eyes -- lasik someday.

What if I could become an animal for 24 hours?
Idunno, but I "keep wishing I was living the life of a cat"... seriously. Every time I see one of ours sunning herself on the floor in front of an open door, I envy her.

Otherwise, I'd be something with wings, preferably something that glides... guess that'd make me a bird of prey. I'd hate the diet plan, but I've flown like that in dreams, and I think it'd come naturally.

What if I could bring someone back to life for 24 hours?
I keep thinking of the part in Aladin where Genie says "I can't bring people back from the dead. It's not a pretty picture. I don't like doing it." I really can't think of any good reason to do that.

Ok, so now it's time to say who's "IT" next: zila, Meg, and --as promised, Jason Mraz (that means you've been at least double tagged, Jason -- may I remind you that blog law requires you submit to the meme).

A girl can dream, can't she?


Ginger said...

hah! i think the the designated blogyer, bree, would agree. :))

i like your answer to the last question the best.

(did i spell 'blogyer' correctly)?

Stephan Anstey said...

It is an amazing insight into a person when they answer silly questions seriously. We are so different and so similar.

artjewl said...

Whoa, dude! Which one of those questions was silly?

Bree said...


Diplomatic sanctions shall be imposed on Petitioner Mraz if he does not submit a Motion to Compel Meme within 30 days of this double-meme publication.

It's pronounced LAWyer, not LIAR, Hugh...


Chucka Stone Designs said...

YEA!! Thanks for playing along girl :) I am so enjoying reading your responses!

I briefly looked into Chris Clamp, his paintings are very interesting with a lot of background & one everyday "real" singular focal object. I will explore his art more indeed, thanks for mentioning him!

"We don't do that." "We won't do that."
~ The Aunts in Practical Magic on bringing back Sally's dead husband

k. borcz said...

lol I think Ive broken bloggin rules myself.