Saturday, April 5, 2008

In like a lion, out like a...lion.

Wow. Where the heck did March go? When it started, it was with a bang and a mad dash. Four steps into April, and it's only barely slowing down.

But that's not necessarily bad. Just exhausting.

So first, some updates.

About a month ago, a friend was diagnosed with cancer. After surgery & starting chemo, he seems to be doing really well. Word is that he's not had any ill effects from the chemo, and he's back to work too. Also, another friend's dad was also diagnosed with cancer. He's due for surgery in mid-April; the doctors are optimistic. All good news.

The first week of March a big deal (for me at least) opportunity came up to work "full time" from home. Unfortunately, long story short, that kinda fell through. But that's not all bad either: with alerting my current employer of my consideration of the other opportunity, I forsee that situation getting better in the very near future, especially with evals coming up in the next couple weeks.

This whole month, it seems, has been a whirlwind for SMR. Especially the first & last week. Well, after my 4:30 am the other night, and finally buckling down, the cover & contents are done!

(note, that cover's for front AND back; folded in the middle)

So I finalized that today & added it to the site store. I expect you all to order a copy. Or a subscription. Or five. ;)

...after all, it's National Poetry Month!

Anyhow, hopefully this month will provide ample opportunities for promoting (and selling) the magazine. This one got fatter than anticipated. It's beautiful, though. Really. And I swear I'd say the same thing even if I wasn't totally biased.

Well, I'm pushing 3 a.m. again, so it's time I crash for the night. I am SO ready for sleep without this hanging over my head!


Ginger said...

i checked it out...the magical place of monkeys...and i think the hot chocolate looks like a profile of curious george with a straw in his mouth. it ws a very small photo though. i once got a picture of jesus in the clouds that also looked like the lion from the land of oz. nobody saw the same thing as me, but i know he was there dangit!

i'm glad you're friends are doing well with the big c.


artjewl said...

I'm totally trying to see Curious George, but I'm missing it. You're right, though, that picture was tiny -- I think it got messed up with a site update. I've fixed it now, so if you're interested in the bigger pic where you can see the face better, it's here.

artjewl said...

Wait! I just saw george! Too funny!

Ginger said...

i totally see it now! i had to angle myself to the left of the screen and there it was...right down to the eyes and eyebrows.

very nice julie, i'm glad i found that on your page.

Stephan Anstey said...

You know, faith is restored when a person takes a moment to reflect and smile. Particularly if one does so upon a monkey.

artjewl said...

Stephan, did you know I was born in the year of the Monkey? So, feel free to reflect on me and smile anytime. ;)

Chucka Stone Designs said...

Even though you were totally sleep deprived the cover came out AWESOME!! You really do amazing work Julie, I have saved their link so long ago & will certainly have to get back over there & explore around some more, maybe even purchase 1 (or 5)!

I hear ya about what the F happened to March. Seriously it feels like it was just New Year's but I am happy to welcome spring, sunshine & blue skies now after a long cold & grey winter here :)