Thursday, November 13, 2008

Give Green Greenly

Just a quick plug for a worthy cause...

In a tight economy, the people who feel the pinch the tightest are those who are already hugging the poverty line. Now, as a general rule, I am personally for smaller government, less welfare, fewer federal fingers in the mix. The yang of that yin is the responsibility for the private sector -- individuals, corporations, churches, etc. -- to help out our neighbors in whatever way we can.

About a year ago I discovered (Actually, I think I found it because Steven Colbert mentioned it.) allows donors to help children by funding specific projects and programs (which you select based on YOUR preferences) posted on the site. Any teacher can attest to the personal investment that teaching requires, from long hours to emotional involvement to financial strain. I encourage you to visit and find a request that interests YOU.

Likewise, I'm a fan of Angel Tree (and the parent organization, Prison Fellowship). I believe it's important that the child not be punished for the sins of the father...or mother. For the same reason, I financially support Feminists For Life as well. Of course, I encourage you to find an organization that agrees with your priorities.

Because this is a tight economy, charities are being squeezed especially. Households are having trouble making ends meet, so they're less likely to toss change into the Salvation Army bucket. That's not to say we don't want to help. With that in mind, consider giving the eco-friendly gift of honorary donations this Christmas (or whichever holiday you celebrate): give the gift of giving.

You'll feel good about it, as will both of the gift recipients.

And if green is your thing, you can feel good about the fact that charitable donations (depending on the charity) are often tax deductible (saving you green)... and free of superfluous packaging.


Jenn said...

Nicey nice nice nice!!! This is what my Mom started last year and it was a huge hit. We're all doing it again this year so its just a matter of getting the charity of choice selected & voila, the holiday rush is not so rushed anymore :)

Kim said...

Hi Julie. Just today I noticed a comment that you left on my poor neglected blog back in October and wanted to say thanks for posting it - I got all excited about my first comment (Iknow, I'm a dork!). As an equally insane mother of 3, i appreciate your profile. Maybe I'll get mine done someday. I've been digging through your blog and having fun. While I differ from you in feelings about Obama I totally respect your willingness to stand up and speak for what you believe in. Anyway, I love your ideas on holiday giving and there's no disputing Mraz-love. I'll keep reading, and thanks!