Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Not quite dead yet!"

I haven't forgotten all you wonderful folks in blogland. Nor have I forgotten your questions and comments on my previous post. Life's just been a bit crazy. But I'm not quite dead yet!

Since my last post I've...
  • finished Halloween costumes
  • celebrated 3 nights of Halloween with the boys
  • made a delicious pesto cheese ball... that looked like a gigantic eyeball.
  • cooked fresh butternut & acorn squash for the first time (and realized how badly I need a quality kitchen knife)
  • laid out the majority of the upcoming issue of SMR
  • spent 1 hr & 50 minutes waiting to vote
  • voted
  • watched more than enough election coverage
  • listened in on a motivating and inspiring post-election pro-life teleconference
  • done massive amounts of laundry
  • written a few poems
  • packed
  • driven 400 miles north to VA with the boys
  • played at a playground with other kids
  • made yummy soup with my sister & cousin, shared it with more family
  • finally played Apples to Apples
  • spent even more wonderful quality (though sorta rushed) time with family
  • driven 400 miles back home (so much longer...)
  • actually slept
  • gotten in touch with the Respect Life coordinator at a local parish... time to do more than write.
  • moved to a new office
  • done a mystery shop
  • gone to the dentist
... and tonight, I have a date with my G.P. regarding something too disgusting to blog about.

I haven't forgotten...


Jenn said...

gotten in touch with the Respect Life coordinator at a local parish... time to do more than write

Not that all those other things are not wonderful achievements as well (and making me tired just reading them!) but right on for doing this! Putting your money where your mouth is can be the single most gratifying experience :) It is great to see you stepping up and getting involved in something you are so passionate about! Looking forward to reading more and btw...love the Holy Grail pic & reference :)

Bree said...

What a crazy fun schedule! Good for you!

Ginger said...

i agree with jenn...while reading this i had the thought that i'm looking forward to being educated by your posts to come...i mean that.

the picture is great! i needed the giggle, thanks :)

Meg said...

I have been reading your blog for a few weeks (mainly the last 3-4 posts), thank you for all you do!

Thank you for writing about the great importance of the right to life and thank you for getting involved as well. You give me hope and motivation!

Looking forward to reading more!