Monday, December 15, 2003

heartbeat and kicks

DH was able to make it to my appointment this morning before he went to work. He got to hear the heartbeat, but other than that, it was quick and uneventful. The doctor expressed her slight concern over the fact that I've only gained 3 lbs since my first visit. I let her know that I did at least gain 3 lbs prior to my first visit, after finding out we were pregnant. I think that I've gained more than that in my tummy, but I think too that I've lost a little of my own weight.

In other news, Saturday (12/13/03) was exciting: we felt the baby kick! I'd thought I'd felt the baby move before, but never could be sure. On Saturday, though, I definitely felt Peanut kick! (or punch, or headbang...) And then DH was able to feel it too... pretty amazing!

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