Friday, January 2, 2004

Pregnancy Update

On New Year's Eve, Wednesday, I had my second (and, most likely, last) ultrasound. DH was able to finangle his way out of work in time to be there for it (it helped that they only took me back 40 minutes after my appointment time). It was so great to watch DH watching the monitor. I think it finally really clicked for him. I mean, I guess that for me when I started feeling Peanut a couple weeks ago, it really clicked for me. But he doesn't get to feel the baby constantly, so actually seeing Peanut... yeah, that was neat.

All looks well... two arms, two legs, one spine that looks a-ok, four chambers in the heart, a regular heartrate of 140.

We told the technician that we didn't want to know the gender yet, though, so even though she got some really good shots of the baby (a nice profile in particular), she didn't give us those. They revealed too much, I guess. If so many shots were that revealing, it makes me think Peanut might be a boy, but then again, she has a trained eye, so they might as well have revealed "girly parts" instead. Anyhow, we got 3 sort of generic shots that I'll scan and post ASAP, so look for them soon. As for the shots we didn't get to keep, I'll ask at my next appointment if I can get (copies of) them after the baby is born -- I'd like them for the baby book.

Next appointment: 10 days from now.

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