Monday, January 4, 2010

Return to Bloglandia

Two years ago, I resolved to post to this blog weekly for that year.  I almost made it. Even though I fell short, I was pretty proud of the effort.  It was the best I had done with keeping a journal of any sort since college.

During that time I did a pretty good job of keeping up with my writing too.  I don't think the two results are mutually exclusive.

So the plan is to do it again.  It seems daunting considering how lax I've been this past year.  Granted, much of that has been due to adding a third little boy to our brood, and possibly even as much can be blamed on the simplicity of venting my thoughts through Facebook status updates from my phone.  Regardless, I think it will be good for me to make it part of my regular routine once again. 

That said, I have changed since I made that resolution at the dawn of 2008.  Back, oh, about 10 years ago, I think, my sister gave me this awesome slinky, sparkly graffiti print top for Christmas.  I thought it was awesome then, and I still think it's awesome.  But I haven't worn it in probably 6 years.  Well, maybe once under a jacket.  I still could.  It still fits.  But I have changed. The shirt still hangs in my closet for all seasons.  I probably should give it away by now, but it's got too much history & too many memories tied to it.  And maybe I'll get to enjoy wearing it again sometime. 

Likewise, I have grown out of certain blogs I used to follow.  I mean, they still fit me sometimes, I like to look at them, but they're not "my style" anymore.  I'm debating if I should take them off of my reading list entirely, delete the bookmarks, etc. I don't feel ready for that because of all the good stuff I once read there.  But now, the blogs ride me the wrong way, creeping into uncomfortable positions, not unlike that top being awkwardly stretched across my breastfeeding boobs.

I wish I could email subscribe to the things so I could just hit delete if I wasn't in the mood.  Oh well.


Jenn said...

Welcome back Julie, hope your return is everything you hope for and more!

ginger said...

i seem to let facebook get in my way of blogging as well. sometimes i have to force myself to put my phone down and open my computer.

i prefer to subscribe to blogs in a google reader on my google home page so when someone posts something new i can choose to open it and read it or not. email usually just gets deleted if there are too many hits from one publisher...say, more than one a week. that's not always an option though. just so you know, i do have an email option and i won't be hurt if you delete me. :)

anyway, i'm glad to see you posting and look forward to reading about all of the cheese you'll be digging out of your carpet.